detox info

Detox info

Why Detox?

The result of a well-planned Detox treatment is: increase in energy, a better skin, weight loss, clear eyes, a stronger immune system, sharper mental alertness, increased self-confidence and a greater resistance to diseases.

Who doesn’t want that? A detox treatment detoxifies the body, resulting in a high degree of energy and joyful zest for life. Simply said; Detox stands for detoxifying your body of harmful substances, so that these toxins can be removed from your metabolic system.

An ideal start to the year, after a holiday or after a period of illness with many medicines. It is also the perfect start to a weight loss program.

Why is Detox necessary??

The body is constantly detoxing, but because of our modern diet, the increased daily stress, the toxins that we digest every day and the increase in chronic symptoms, our body needs a helping hand in the process of getting rid of these toxins and to be completely cleaned again.

How it helps

It may seem strange, but fat does save your life! The body retains fat as a means to protect the important organs against toxins that we ingest or get stressed. It is literally a last resort, a life-saving action to make fat.

Of course, it does indicate how harmful these toxins are when the body uses fat as a last resort in desperation, while we all know that excess fat leads to nasty ailments and chronic illnesses.

When we help the body with a detox cure to get rid of toxins, we give it a chance to recover and to strengthen itself and when the toxins disappear, you guessed it, the fat rolls will also become a thing of the past.

What does this do to my body?

A detox cleansing treatment helps to strengthen the organs that the body
daily handling of toxic substances. This includes skin, lymph node system, intestines, liver, lungs and kidneys.

The toxins, which we are talking about here, picks up the body from various
sources, such as the environment, food, drink (s) and a stressful lifestyle (such as alcohol,
tobacco, pesticides and heavy metals.

“I’m sure I will get very hungry!”

A misunderstanding wants to make people believe that detoxing and cleaning the body goes hand in hand with starvation for days. Not a nice thought! And it also makes clear why people who work this way often fail in their attempts and motivation to achieve a healthy new lifestyle.

A good Detox cure brings plenty, not starvation and provides you with all the nutrients you need. To give your body the tools it needs to detoxify, cleanse and restore it, a Detox cure gives your body more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than normal.

Cleansing for a week!

Very good results have already been achieved with our cleansing week. This Detox regime increases the intake of food and liquids, so that they provide the building blocks for your body.

In addition, it provides the protective antioxidants and at the same time prevents bad eating habits that rob us of the nutrients that we need for optimum health.

The program consists of all natural ingredients that ensure that you are cleansed in one week without being hungry. A nice extra is that most people also lose a few pounds of weight this week!

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