detox manual

Detox Manual

Your detox plan

– Almond milk, hazelnut milk, rice milk, coconut milk
– Herbs
– All types of fruit
– Vegetables: All except tomato and pepper
– Fresh fish: cod, mackerel, salmon, trout, haddock,
mullet, common sole, monkfish, swordfish.
– Chicken and turkey
– Unsalted nuts and seeds: peanuts, almonds,
cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts,
pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts,
sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
– Popcorn is also allowed, without salt / sugar
– Milk, cheese and yogurt from goats or sheep
– Oats, spelled, rye and millet
– Brown rice
– New potatoes in the skin (no more than 2x in the detox week).
– Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar,
black pepper and organic honey.

– Eggs
– Wheat
– Shellfish (excluding shrimps)
– Processed products
– Commercial honey
– Dried fruit
– Alcohol
– Cigarettes, tobacco
– Fizzy drink
– Caffeine, so coffee, cola, black tea, green tea,
– Cow’s milk products: milk, buttermilk, yogurt,
cottage cheese, cheese.
– Wheat pasta
– Sugar, so no candy, cake, lemonade,
fruit juices
– Cow and pork
– White rice
– In principle all pre-packaged products
and ready-made meals.

You start every day with a cup of hot water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon or lime juice through it on the empty stomach.
– 3 servings of vegetables
– 3 portions of fruit
– 3 servings of salad
– 1 portion of dairy product (yogurt, milk)
No cow’s milk product !!!
– 100/125 gr fish / chicken / turkey
– 100/125 gr prepare (brown skin) rice or potatoes in the skin or whole-grain spelled pasta
1 serving of vegetables is approximately:
– 3 to 4 tablespoons of vegetables
– 1⁄4 cucumber
– 1 zucchini
– 100 ml of vegetable juice
1 serving of fruit is approximately:
– 3 plums
– 1⁄2 small melon
– 1 apple or pear
– Peach or nectarine
– 2 kiwis
– 12 strawberries
– Bunch of grapes the size of your palm
– 10 cherries
– Or 100 ml of fresh fruit juice

In addition, you can also choose from a snack (if required)
– rice cake (without salt)
– fresh fruit
– handful of nuts (unsalted and unroasted)

That depends on your body, your health and the detox method you have chosen. For example, you should do an intensive juice treatment for no longer than five days to prevent shortages. It is healthier to regularly detox in a softer way than to do a long, hard cure once a year. For example, inserting a detox day in your weekend can be done all year round. Listen especially to your body and what it needs.

A detox treatment is in principle not a weight loss diet. Its purpose is primarily to help your body to detox and help it function better. A nice side effect is that if you eat less sugars and more vegetables, you may lose excess pounds. Make sure that your body gets enough nutrients. Do not dive below the 1400 to 1600 kCal limit per day or your body will use your own muscle mass instead of burning fat.

Yes. If you eat a low-sugar diet and consume less than 30 grams of carbohydrates per day, your body will go into ketosis: it will start to release organic compounds in the form of ketones. They cause your breath to smell like acetone, some describe it as “metallic” or even “rotten fruit.” Drinking lots of water helps. You can also chew on fresh mint leaves and fennel seeds or on sugar-free gum.

If you eat more vegetables, you get more fiber. Your digestive system must work harder to digest them. Especially if you eat vegetables raw, it can cause windiness. Lightly boiling or steaming vegetables helps.

Headache is a normal “withdrawal phenomenon” if your body suddenly has to cope with less or even without caffeine or sugar. Taking a painkiller is not a good idea: that way you put extra strain on your liver. What can help: especially drink enough and possibly take an afternoon nap, if possible. Massaging your sleep with a drop of mint oil can also bring relief.

Yes. Nutrition definitely influences your mood. Do not use stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes. Eat small portions regularly and pay close attention to your sugar intake, so that your blood sugar levels – and your mood – become a lot more stable. Also make sure you get enough essential fatty acids that are contained in fatty fish, nuts and seeds. You can also try a vitamin B complex or a vitamin B6 supplement that is good for your nervous system.

Yes, you can. Your body literally gets less fuel and you can feel it. What can help: cherry kernel pads, warm socks, a thick sweater or a warm jug. A warm bath is great, a little walk warms up your muscles. You can also add a little chili powder to your bottle or carafe of water, in combination with the juice of a lemon.

You can eat as much as you want, as long as you make the right choices. An extra smoothie, a handful of nuts, an extra portion of vegetables, a glass of vegetable juice … To prevent that feeling of hunger, it is important that you do not skip any meals. The signal of hunger in your brain is often confused with thirst. Do you think you are hungry? Drink a large glass of water, chances are that your hunger is satisfied. In addition, it is also important to chew what you eat well. This not only helps your body to get all the nutrients from your food, but also gives you a greater and longer feeling of satiety. Against that feeling of hunger there are also dietary supplements that you dissolve in a glass of water or that you take with your meal and that make you feel full longer.

That nauseous feeling does not come from your smoothies or vegetable juice. It is a side effect of detoxing in your body. If you do not prepare your body and immediately start a very strict detox diet, the chance of nausea increases. That’s annoying, but it doesn’t hurt. Ginger in the form of ginger capsules, ginger tea or fresh grated ginger in your drinking water can help.

Detoxing is hard work for your body. Breaking down and draining all those toxins is extra work for your liver and your lymphatic system and that costs energy. Try to plan your detox at moments when it is a bit quieter: Do a detox day at the weekend or choose a calm period, where you have room to rest a bit more.

According to naturopathy, your tongue tells you a lot about your health. Mouth batter not only ensures fresh breath, but is primarily a signal or a symptom that your body is struggling with something. White attack indicates too much sugar in your diet and a reduced resistance. With a brown-white attack, according to Chinese medicine, the waste has accumulated and your digestion is disrupted. A stinging or burning tongue is a sign that your liver is struggling and may also indicate a vitamin deficiency. If you start with a detox, these symptoms can temporarily get worse before they disappear. Brushing your teeth well, rinsing your mouth with mouthwash and using a tongue scraper will help you remove your tongue and keep your breath fresh.

Drink 2 liters of mineral water per day!
Be well prepared if you have lunch at work when you go out for lunch. Make sure you have taken something from the recipe list with you to order a fresh salad. This way you will be less tempted!

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